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Being a Columnist

A columnist creates articles, usually opinions or commentaries, for a serial publication. Their piece of writing usually appears in a newspaper column. Typically, each newspaper column focuses on a particular niche, which may be sports, information regarding New Jersey casinos,  fashion, politics, religion, etc. Each columnist tends to have their unique writing style, which enables them to attract a particular audience. However, columnists should be able to write interesting pieces to keep their readers coming back. 

Education and Training

Becoming a columnist does not require any specific academic achievement; experience and hard work are usually the primary factors that determine one's success in column writing. However, it is advisable for a columnist to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as mass communication, journalism, or English. Having a degree helps to convince most employers, who must get value for their money. Aspiring columnists should have a background in reporting or formal hands-on-experience. Starting out at a college or even a high school publication can be a great idea.

Job Description and Working Conditions

As already mentioned, a columnist is responsible for creating material for publication. In so doing, they share their thoughts on various subjects with their audience. Columnists are usually required to work with strict timelines. Their profile involves working in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are also required to travel from time to time, whether within their nations or abroad. In some cases, it can be stressful to work outdoors, especially if a columnist is required to visit crime scene or an area hit by a natural calamity or political violence.